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Where do you want to go from here? Anything is possible, but you must Believe.

There is no struggle or issue that I haven't seen before in my coaching practice. So, don't be afraid of seeking help. Don't let shame, fear, or lack of self-belief hold you back. The decision to reach out is scary, but it can make all the difference. You are your own best advocate; how would you like your life to be one year from now? What you will find, once you have crossed that bridge is that you are not alone. You were never alone! There are others who have struggled to recover and reinvent themselves and succeeded. You can too.

Achieve Your Level Up Faster, With Less Stress

Don't reinvent the wheel! Learn from a mentor who has supported women like you for years to achieve the same goals and who already knows the answers you are seeking!

Invest Your Time & Resources Wisely

My new 'mini-retreat' workshop format is adapted and distilled from my previously offered, extensive 6-week program. It's private, intensive, practical and personally tailored to you and your unique context.

A Decade of Mind-Body Healing Experience

In addition to living the high-value, feminine energy lifestyle that I teach, my professional expertise includes over 10 years of clinical practice, mindfulness facilitation, spiritual mentoring, and relationship coaching.

How I Work

Most women do not understand why they are stuck in the same place in life for years, or why they struggle in their relationships. They have tried consultations with other professionals, but due to differences in lifestyle and values, a proper assessment and diagnosis remains elusive. Since the majority of my clients have read my book, How to Date Like a Courtesan, there is already an affinity and mutual understanding. In my spirituality-based practice, I assume that there are no limits to what you can achieve. My goal is to ensure that you come away feeling empowered, too.

Most of us don't have the advantage of this mindset at an early age. A history of adverse child-hood experiences and traumatic stress can have serious consequences for self-esteem and the ability to set boundaries in adulthood. My approach is trauma-sensitive, holistic and spiritual. We pull out all the weeds (including the ones you can't see) from their roots in order to make space for true healing. This results in more self-awareness, understanding, and hopefully, the ability to have self-compassion and forgive your past self. After working with me, clients who have been stuck for years develop the ability to be more disciplined and less likely to self-sabotage.

How I Structure Our Sessions:

Sessions last 4.5 hours in total (includes a 30 minute break).

Information-gathering and expressive writing exercises for deeper exploration.

With the advantage of awareness and understanding, we will work together to outline a logical, practical strategy that is best suited to your unique needs and context.

A structured plan (with my favorite tools for self-care and self-directed accountability) that you can continue to use on a daily basis long term.

E-mail follow-up support for any further questions or concerns, as well as a personalized e-mail from me summarizing your recovery and reinvention plan.

* Examples of what to bring to our sessions: a notebook and pen, water or other beverage of your choice, and your open heart!

Remote and Flexible, to Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

Each session lasts 4 hours (includes 30 min break). Morning, Afternoon, or Evening sessions are available, to suit different time zones.

Strictly Confidential, Non-judgmental and Objective

Our work together is always strictly confidential. The vast majority of my clients prefer complete anonymity. For this reason, you can be assured that my advice is always impartial.  I have worked with a variety of different clients from around the world, ages ranging from early 20s to early 70s, and all from different walks of life. Each woman I have coached has her own unique and personal story, with her own fears, needs and dreams.

My Expertise and Specialty Interests

Self-Care Practices, Energy Work and Spirituality, Weight Loss and Physical Transformation, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Behavior Training, Recovery from Complex Trauma, Dysfunctional Families of Origin, Building Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Assertiveness and Negotiation, Closing Deals, Social Mobility, Adapting to Affluence, Holistic Health, Sexual Health and Sexual Trauma, Shame and Social Stigma, Confidence with Chronic Medical Conditions, and More

Support and Insight to Adapt to Uncertain Times

The international community is now struggling to adapt to the combined threats of pandemics and economic uncertainty. Painful social distancing requirements have resulted in a deeper appreciation for love, family, connection and intimacy. I developed my Workshop with the goal of gently guiding clients into a deeper understanding of how to navigate these strange and uncertain times, and to fully integrate life-changing transformative principles and practices by the end of the session. With roadmap in hand and a commitment to continued daily practice, manifestation of our desired outcomes is inevitable.

Reinvent Yourself HERE

Investment is $789.00 for our 4 hour session. Start your reinvention by securing our time together with a deposit ($225.00).

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You know you're worth the investment.

But, are you ready for true change? The world is changing around you, whether or not you choose to adapt.

If not in 2021......then, when?

N.B.: Non-refundable deposit is absolutely required prior to securing private consultations. If you are using a Paypal account that is associated with a different e-mail, please send me a private e-mail at and I will respond same business day or within 24 hours.